Real African

REAL AFRICAN started in the music business at the age of 11 on the Island of Jamaica in Wakefield Trelawny, playing on his first sound system (RULER WIX) as a Selector throughout the 1980's. During the time of selecting in the 80's - 90's, REAL AFRICAN played on several different sound systems such as: (CONCORD, MELLOW ONE & SCORPION). He used the sound system to exercise his ability to Dj on the microphone, which raised his confidence to Dj to an audience. REAL AFRICAN performed at many local parties, shows and family functions whilst selecting.

He enjoyed writing his own lyrics, as music was a natural love and passion for him, but although he would play on the sound system and Dj on a regular basis throughout the years, he saw his talent as a Dj more of a hobby than a career at the time.

In 2001 REAL AFRICAN came to London UK, it was there he met with a local Producer/Engineer BUCKY JO. The two soon formed a close friendship and both discovered a talent within each other. After four years of strengthening each other's talents to Dj, with this they decided to form a group called JAH UNIT which consisted of many young talents and friends who were surrounded by the Producer BUCKY JO. Having BUCKY JO and other surrounding friends who shared the same love for music as he does, it was then that REAL AFRICAN felt the drive to make it as a successful Dj in the music industry.

Whilst in the group JAH UNIT, REAL AFRICAN has recorded and released three different Mix Cd's which showcased him in several styles of music such as: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots & Culture. He has also worked with other Artists and Producers like: PETER HUNNIGALE, LITTLE ROY, WILLIE WILLIAMS, BUNNY LIE-LIE, RAS NEGUS I + many more.

As the years went on the group JAH UNIT slowly deteriorated and being the only two members left, in 2008 REAL AFRICAN & BUCKY JO decided to take the music to another chapter, this was the start of the BUZWAKK WARRIOR'S. They continued to write and produce their own material as a team and along the way presented themselves to many in the business. REAL AFRICAN was on a steady path to reaching his potential goal. In 2010 he met with an artist QUEENY at a London showcase whom himself and Producer BUCKY JO was impressed by her talent and both agreed to bring her on board the team. After a few months of working together, they officially created BUZWAKK RECORD LABEL. Since then REAL AFRICAN has grown immensely as an artist and always strives to produce the best music material of his ability



J STARRIAN Born & Raised in the streets of Brixton (South LDN), J.Starrian is known for his lyrical content, punchlines and smooth air catching flow.

He started at the age of 13 doing a lot of musical events talent shows etc, kine to impress, hooked by a mutual friend who had introduce J.Starrian to the late 2Nice.

Even though 2Nice & J.Starrian went to the same schools from primary to secondary, musical they were in their own lane, and didn’t connect until leaving secondary school.

2Nice was a well established artist in South LDN who was apart of a collective called “Untouchables”. They were well known under the underground airwaves, appearing on well known radio stations such as, Choice FM & Delight FM.

While 2Nice was starting to re-invent himself as a solo artist, our mutual friend had brought J.Starrian & 2Nice together, 2Nice saw the potential in J.Starrian straight away and brought him under his wings.

While months of writing and perfecting our craft, 2Nice had converted J.Starrian to a lyrical beast and into an even better artist than what he first was.

This had even lead J.Starrian to making his first radio appearance on Flashback FM (which was a well known Pirate Station),

Known for his rap influences J.Starrian had lighten up the garage scene with his skippy flow. 

This had lead to J.Starrian, 2Nice & other members locking down every underground pirate station in South & LDN itself.

As time went by J.Starrian excelled to another genre of music (Hip Hop). While progressing as a solo artist himself, J.Starrian still remained tight with 2Nice until his tragically passed away (Feb 4th 2019),

Being in the game for a good 10+ years J.Starrian has now created his own lane and locking down the hip hop side of things for Buzwakk Records, working with the lights of Bucky Jo, Real African & etc.



Artists & Producer I’ve Worked With:


Terra Danjah (Aftershock)

N.E (R.I.P) ...(Essentials)

Triple Treat 


Slay Products

Joe Grind (SN1)

Logic (Peoples Army)

All Dem Drums Production 




DJ Shortee Blitz (Kiss 100 FM)

BBC 1xtra (LDN & Birmingham)

Tim Westwood (Crib Session)

Flashback FM (Pirate Station)

Delight FM (Pirate Station)

Queeny - Perfidia cover copy.jpg

Queeny D'Empress

Queeny is a talented singer/ songwriter from South London, presently known as "Queeny D'Empress". Singing from the tender age of seven in church, she had a voice that stood out from the rest of the congregation, so was always asked to sing solo. It was then she realised she had a natural talent and passion for singing and had the dream of becoming a successful singer. Queeny has now developed into the soulful songstress you see today. Influenced by Artistes such as Marcia Griffiths, Tanya Stephens, Queen Ifrica, to name a few... Her musical path has made great progress.Throughout her earlier years of primary school Queeny had such a drive and determination to get within the industry. She would form her own girl groups among her piers and always sing lead. It was from there she discovered her ability to write her own songs. Coming from a family with a musical background, Queeny was inspired to pursue her singing further. At the age of thirteen one of Queeny's older brother's Budgie, introduced her to the music industry. With him being a Producer/Artist/Engineer Queeny was able to write and record her first tracks. Budgie also encouraged Queeny to join a local youth centre where he worked with teenagers after school on music projects. This enabled her to meet with vocal coaches, producers and many other people from the industry who supported the youth centre. The very first of her musical performances took place within local talent competitions, fund raisers, cultural performances (e.g. black history month) and family celebrations (e.g. weddings, birthdays etc). These performances enhanced her confidence to perform in front of a large audience. In 2010 the journey took off to greater heights when Queeny met and joined forces with Artist/Producer Bucky Jo, who introduced her to the Buzwakk team. He helped develop and enhance her musical ability. In January 2011 the two released their 1st collaboration, tracked entitled "Paradise". The single opened many doors and avenues for her and now her career is going from strength to strength. Quickly adapting to the musical field Queeny has gone on to Co-Producing alongside Bucky Jo and helped officially create the Buzwakk Record Company. She has also gone on to working with many great Producers and Artistes such as: Gyptian, Bunny Lye Lye, Jimmy London, Major Mackerel, GappyRanks, Christopher Ellis and many more. Queeny strives to continue on with her musical work and has a lot of inspiring music to deliver which is the musical beat of her heart.