Our Services

Buzwakk Studio in Brixton, South London, is a high-spec London recording studio. We also provide production and mixing services and are located only 5 minutes from Brixton Station, providing incredible value for musicians without compromising on quality.
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We are an independent team of music industry professionals, from top class engineers to experienced producers and mixers.
Rates begin from only £25p/h for studio recording hire with our in-house engineer – all studio facilities inclusive. Our studio has been acoustically designed to capture the best sound in both the booth, live room and mixing room, and is the perfect space for writing and recording, for bands and solo artists.

We have a huge range of instruments including a full drum kit, piano, guitars, keyboards and organs – we’ve even got some beautiful microphones and the latest pre amps. We want you to be as relaxed, comfortable and creative as possible at Buzwakk Studio.

We have a range of rates great for short simple sessions, last minute vocals or over dubs or album projects.
Our in house engineer is included in each session.
Also Special rates from only £200 per half day for studio hire with our in-house engineer